About us

InsaTech AG has been active in the field of wastewater renovation since 2015. With our new renovation technology, we have specialized in the renovation of defective pipes within buildings. With this pipe-in-pipe process, a new pipe is created in the old pipe with a polymer plastic compound..

The founder and managing director of the company is Mr. Claudio Nuzzo. With his 22 years of experience as a technician in the field of sewer renovation, liner / inner pipe renovation, he covers the entire spectrum of in-house renovation with his knowledge and his qualified team.

Our customers include municipal clients, as well as house and real estate management, architects and private individuals.

We are not only here to renovate: we advise and support you so that we can solve your acute problems, both large and small, together with you.

InsaTech AG services

  • In-house renovation
  • Creation of 3D line plans
  • Pressure test of the drainage pipes
  • TV inspection of the drainage lines
  • Consultation
  • Planning and execution